Blue Flower

If love can nd an expression in geometry, it would be a sporty double triangle. That’s the unique idea behind the supremely classy design of the Honda Brio. The edgy chrome grille and ne character lines rising up from the dynamic headlights are a tribute to Brio’s love for you. Complementing the character of the front are its sides which are created to exude a wave of vibrant energy. Every bit of its exterior, from the protruding fenders to door mirrors with extra depth, is designed aerodynamically so that when you want to talk to the wind, you do it with Brio.

Love keeps us going

Honda’s advanced 1.2L i-VTEC (Intelligent Variable Valve Timing and Electronic Lift Control) engine delivers high power output with impressive fuel economy. It is a four cylinder engine featuring Programmed Fuel Injection, delivering impressive performance with an awesome 88 ps at 6000 rpm so that you never feel let down. By regulating valve opening to match engine speed, the agile i-VTEC engine adjusts its characteristics to deliver both superior power and low fuel consumption. Couple these with some of the lowest emission levels in the industry, and the only feeling you’ll experience when you take your Brio on a date, is love. And best of all, you now get to choose between Manual and 5-Speed Automatic Transmission.

you can count on my love

Love is always about protecting your loved ones. And the Brio asserts its love for you with a range of enhanced safety features.

• ACETM Body Structure: An impact absorbing structure which creates protective shell around the passengers, thus reducing the impact of a crash. Crumple zones ensure added passengers and pedestrian safety.

• ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) and EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution) offer optimal braking force on all wheels for enhanced vehicle control.

• Driver’s side Intelligent SRS (i-SRS) Airbag: Spiral seam structure and gas release control valve, which control airbag deployment and pressure, make airbag deploy faster and remain inated for longer, therefore reducing the impact on the driver.

• Pretensioner Seat Belts with load limiter: In the event of a collision, the seat belts tighten to keep the body rmly in place.